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    WaW85 Apprendre A Jouer En 10 Minutes French Edition

    WaW85 Apprendre A Jouer En 10 Minutes [French Edition] by Nicolas Michon. World at War : 85 n’est pas un jeu complexe, mais les règles sont assez longues, car elles couvrent de très nombreuses situations. Ce court document vous guidera le temps d’une activation, afin que vous puissiez commencer votre offensive vers Fulda en dix minutes.

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    WaW85 How to Play in 10 Minutes

    WaW85 How to play in 10 minutes by Nicolas Michon is an excellent way to simply start playing. World at War 85 is not a complicated game but, since it covers many different situations, the rules set is on the long side. This short document will take you through an activation, to get you rolling towards Fulda in ten minutes.

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    Command Ops 2 Basic Guide

    Command Ops 2 Basic Guide is meant to be a step up from my Quickstart Guide and It takes a deeper look at the basics of the User interface, Intel and line of sight, Units, and Orders Scenario objectives.

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