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    C&C for Bitter Harvest, Valor of the 13th & Enemy at the Gates Rev3

    Clarifications and Corrections: Heroes of the Bitter Harvest, Valor of the 13th &, Enemy at the Gates Errata Rev3

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    The Bear and the Jackal

    Fight in Afghanistan as the Soviets or the Mujahideen in the Bear and the Jackal Module. The Soviet Union fought a bloody and, ultimately, unwinnable war in Afghanistan against the Mujahideen. It was a long, difficult war, and lessons were learned the hard way. The terrain and conditions were brutal. There were few if any, stand-up fights. Ambushes, helicopter assaults, raids, and cordon-and-sweep were the necessary missions, the types of squad-level missions that are ideally suited to the Lock ’n Load Tactical Series. Nine fierce firefights from the Soviet-Afghan War. and utilizes new counters of Mujahideen and Soviet forces, including Spetsnaz Bear & The Jack special-forces units.

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    Ju 87 Stuka Ace Manual v1.0 Rev31

    Ju 87 Stuka Ace is a solitaire game designed by Gottardo Zancani. Ju 87 Stuka Ace allows you to simulate Junker 87 (Stuka) operations throughout the course of World War II. What makes Ju 87 Stuka Ace special is the brand-new game engine, built around what made the Stuka unique, the dive-bombing. This method of attack is very different from the standard bombing operated by other aircraft, and Ju 87 Stuka Pilot fully reflects this uniqueness. This is the attack sequence in JU 87 Stuka Ace: select the bomb release height, proceed with the dive, consider the current formation height and visibility, release the bombs at the set height, and then execute the delicate pull phase. Each phase will be managed by making optimal use of the action cards in the player's hand, but you must carefully plan your play since you don't immediately draw a new card after playing it. No dice are nee

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