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    Hell Frozen Over Module Rules

    Hell Frozen Over is an expansion module for Heroes of the Pacific for Lock 'n Load Tactical. Play ten scenarios on a unique 22”x34” Map that accurately depicts Attu’s harsh terrain. The terrain varies over eight levels in height and features boot-sticking Muskeg, rock-strewn Rough, precipitous Cliffs, and jagged Razorbacks crossing the high peaks of the unforgiving, mountainous landscape. Through the fog and unexpected high winds, known to the Aleuts as “Williwaws,” both sides struggle to hold and take ground. Clevesy Pass, Cold Mountain, Point Able, Engineer Hill, the Sarana Valley, and Prendergast Ridge are all fought over. The fighting is hex by hex, yard by yard, bullet by bullet, hand to hand, and it won’t end until the last Japanese soldier is vanquished.

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    Point Blank Clarification and Corrections Update v1.1 Rev10

    Point Blank V is for Victory Clarification and Corrections Update.

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    Day of Heroes Module Rules

    Day of Heroes Module Rules lets gamers rope down from a Black Hawk with a Chalk of Rangers or step off a Little Bird with Delta Force operators onto the mean streets of Mogadishu, filled with the smell of noxious smoke rising from burning roadblocks, a signal calling Somali militiamen to arms. Play nine scenarios, including the campaign-length scenario, “Day of Heroes”. The Battle of Mogadishu is on, and you can be a part of it.

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