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    Falling Stars - War of Empires Manual Rev3

    Falling Stars: War of Empires is a fast-paced 4x strategy game where each decision you make forces the game to evolve differently every time you play. As the leader of your empire, you will command fleet battles consisting of hundreds of ships at a time, resolve political agendas that can completely alter the ruleset of the game, and discover hundreds of different planets on your way to victory. Explore strange worlds and develop diplomatic relations with them, or exploit them for their resources. But beware, every planet in the game has its unique history, and there will be consequences for your decisions!

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    Tottensontag Second Edition Manual v2.1 Rev13

    This is the 2nd Edition of Peter Bogdasarian’s Totensonntag, a Corps Command-system game of the First Battle of Sidi Rezegh, fought between the British Commonwealth’s Eighth Army and Germany’s Panzerarmee Afrika during Operation Crusader. The game runs from November 19th – 24th, 1941, on a scale of one turn per day. Hexes are roughly three miles across, and units are battalions (armored, reconnaissance, or infantry) or regiments (artillery). Players command the Eighth Army or Panzerarmee Afrika. Relive the battles, from the opening skirmishes to the hellish clash on Totensonntag, the Sunday of the Dead. The Corps Command system is easily learned and taught, perfect for an evening’s entertainment. So choose your side and make some history!

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    World At War 85 Second Edition Change List Rev2

    World At War 85 Second Edition Change List. If you played the first edition and are interested in what is new or has been changed in the second edition, here is a quick list. This does not list all the changes but is a good starting point.

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