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    Point Blank - Box Organizer Assembly Instructions.

    Now that Point Blank V is for Victory is shipping, we felt this is an excellent time to release the Box Organizer designed by Andrea Cantatore. Point Blank Box Organizer Assembly Instructions show how to make a detailed box organizer with the card dividers.

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    Blood and Fury Solo Assistant Walkthrough

    The Blood and Fury Solo Assistant Walkthrough gives a quick walkthrough of playing the Blood and Fury Solo Assistant. The Solo Assistant system simulates playing against an opponent. You select a side in the scenario to play, and the Solo Assistant's Artificial Enemy Opponent (AEO) plays the other side against you. The AEO conducts its actions by choosing a unit or stack to activate and then drawing a card from a deck of AEO Orders cards provided in the game.

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    World At War 85 Starter Kit v2.2 Rev73

    Do you ever wish you could try a new game system and make sure it is for you? Well, now you can, with our World At War 85 Starter Kit. World At War 85 Starter Kit gives you a chance to play a scenario from our Storming the Gap game. Our games are designed and produced with the new player in mind, and for today’s gamers: we use a large font size making our games easy to read, with high-quality components. Our manuals have lots of examples to illustrate the game mechanics. Our motto is “Play the Game, Not the Rules” because we understand that the best way to learn a game system is to be shown. We achieve this with our extensive playlist of “boot camp” training videos, available on YouTube, that walk you through the entire system rule by rule.

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